Well, I passed. I have to say, when I hit submit, I wasn’t really sure that I had. I love that screen when it says “Congratulations!” You are so focused on that word that it takes a minute to see what your score was (I got a 361).

To any who see/read this that want to know what I did to pass, I read, alot. I seriously spent a lot of time just reading the documentation that is posted on I also put together a lab though I didn’t use that as much as I thought I would. For me, just reading the docs and thankfully all of the blogs I keep up on I believe gave me the edge here. A lot of the test I answered based on gut feel for the products rather than hardcore knowledge.

I would also like to thank Simon Long and his great test questions. They really made me think about the product in the way VMware would test. You can find his site here:

His questions aren’t on the test but they are written like they could have been which really helped.

Best of luck to all who are trying to get their VCP 4 upgraded before the end of February.

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