New Beginnings

Well, welcome to the home of my new blog. For the past 12 years (yeah, it’s been 12 years), I’ve blogged at I never got into the branding thing too much besides representing myself well. There have been times where customers have shown me my own blog as a solution and I had to explain but overall, it was just a spot for me to vent.

There has been a lot happening in my life and it seemed fitting to re-brand. While working on another project (that will become public soon), the name Cloud Renegade came up and as I sat on it overnight, I realized that this was the right brand for me. As at least one of my friends knows, I’m a huge proponent of utilizing the Cloud as much as possible. I always enjoy discussing how the Cloud can help businesses in any number of ways.

My old blog will stay but will have one final post pointing folks here. I’ve moved all of my content over. It’s actually been a lot of fun learning Hugo and how it works. In addition, I can host this out of my Azure subscription for relatively cheap.

More to come soon but for now, you can change your RSS links to point here.

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