You Say You Want a Revolution

Or maybe it should be “ch-ch-ch-changes”? Either way, it’s true. I’ve moved jobs.

TL;DR - I, along with Chad McGreanor, have started Cloud Revolution. We’re a boutique, Microsoft focused cloud company with a desire to help companies revolutionize the way people communicate and collaborate!

Now, on to the rest of the story:

The past six years has been a whirlwind of change and adapt and I determined that it was time to move on. Over the past six years, I got to experience working alongside some of the best teammates I will probably ever have the pleasure of joining forces with. As a team we were bought and sold twice in two years which brings with it it’s own stresses and challenges. Throughout it all we triumphed in face of adversity. People moved on as they are apt to do and that change finally came to me.

It really started with Comms vNext this past June. As I sat in the afterglow of the event (which, if you didn’t go in 2019, you need to plan on going in 2020) I realized that my passion for the Modern Workplace wasn’t truly being satisfied. I had such a great time and was completely energized by speaking to various people about how their businesses were being transformed. As I looked around, I concluded that it was time to make a change.

I did look around a bit, but I’ll be honest, leaving the team I was with just to go to a different company doing the exact same thing didn’t really excite me. I kept thinking “whatever I do next needs to be different than what I’m doing now”. Then the conversation happened. I chatted with Chad McGreanor (who was my boss) and told him what I was dealing with. First, I need to say that having a relationship with your boss that allows you to even have that conversation is massive. I knew that Chad wouldn’t feel threatened by it and that he would try to figure out with me what the right solution was. Everyone should strive for a relationship like that with their boss.

The second thing is that he totally understood and had been feeling the same way. When you are a group inside a multi-vendor company, it can feel like what you do doesn’t matter or isn’t important to the bigger picture. We started talking about what we could do and how it would be different.

As we continued to talk, we realized that we got spun up when we talked about the vision of the Modern Workplace. The idea that employees could find, access, and utilize the right information so that they could get their jobs done and be productive, and therefore happier in their jobs fueled us. We looked and realized that what many people complemented us on was our ability to bridge the business and the technology. We’re not talking about just deploying a product. In fact, that’s a small part of what we can do. Our goal is to walk alongside customers as strategic advisors and help them envision what a Modern Workplace would be for their companies. Then, help them achieve that by walking through the process with them. Ideally, we set our customers up for success and then help them extend the platform to make people’s lives better.

So, in a traditional project, we see three distinct phases:

  1. Envision/Planning
  2. Deployment
  3. Operate/Extend

We hope to help customers primarily in phases 1 and 3 and empower them (and help lead potentially) to accomplish phase 2 on their own. Though, we are more than happy to help deploy solutions if/when organizations ask us to do so.

Ultimately, if companies will strive to modernize the workplace through automation and therefore simplify overall process, workers can be more productive and help their organizations to grow. This is our goal, to contribute to the success of these organizations through leading the charge to a better work environment.

If you’re reading this and would like to engage with us at Cloud Revolution, feel free to visit our site Cloud Revolution and hit the Connect with Us button. We’d love to hear from you!

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