3PIP Phone and Online update required

UPDATE 1/14/2020: Deadline extended to July 15th, 2020 https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/skype-for-business-blog/oauth-2-0-and-third-party-application-id-timeline-extended-to/ba-p/482876

This is one of those posts that probably feels like it might be late. Microsoft announced way back in April that 3PIP phones would need to be updated due to a change in the Application ID because of the implementation of OAUTH 2.0. Everyone should be happy that Microsoft is focused on implementing new and improved security features. That said, this one has the impact that companies NEED to update the firmware of their handsets and take a specific action. This will be enforced starting January 15th, 2020. Yes, you read that right, that’s less than a month away.

I’m sure you have questions, so I’ve tried to answer some of them here.

How do I know if I have a 3PIP phone? You can check here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/skypeforbusiness/certification/devices-ip-phones

The four vendors are:

  • AudioCodes
  • Crestron
  • Poly
  • Yealink

There are actually two steps that are needed. The first step is to approve your vendor (if you have more than one, you have to approve each vendor individually). Each one is linked below.

The second step is that you need to update the firmware of the phone. If you have updated the firmware to the latest since August 1st, 2019, you should be ok. If you are running an older firmware, the clock is ticking.

If I’m using Skype for Business Server on-premises, do I really have to do this? Maybe. If you are using Exchange Online, Cloud Voicemail, and Modern Authentication (and you are, right?), you need to do this.

If you are using Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams with a 3PIP phone, yes, you need to do this.

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