Speaking at Working Better with Microsoft Teams: Burnout

Speaking on Burnout at Commsverse

Super honored and excited to share my thoughts on the topic of Burnout at the Working Better with Microsoft Teams Virtual Event (put on by Commsverse and UC Today).

I first shared my story and thoughts on this topic just over a year ago at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Seems like more than 12-14 months ago now. Little did I know then that the topic that I was so passionate about would “double down” on us all with the year 2020.

If you have been feeling stuck, depressed, overwhelmed, or just flat out consumed by everything, this talk is for you. If you feel on top of the world, fantastic! I would say that this talk is for you too because at some point, I believe we all end up suffering from Burnout.

I hope you will register for the event (because there will be lots of other incredible speakers, I’m just an opening act for the headliners) as I will be incorporating new ideas on this topic from great conversations I have had with folks since the last time I presented on the topic.

Register at https://goteams.fans/register

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