Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Room Calendar Issues

Microsoft Teams Rooms - Cannot Fetch Calendar

Recently found myself having to troubleshoot an issue with a couple of Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR’s) at a customer that said “Cannot Fetch Calendar”. I started to go through the basics and thought I should document them for others and then reveal what we found.

The basics:

  1. Ensure that you created the Exchange account correctly - I always start with this page when creating new MTR accounts:
  2. Verify your Autodiscover record - I tend to do something like this: Resolve-DnsName (Note: this needs to point to either Exchange Online or if on-prem, Exchange 2013 or higher)
  3. If you only just created the account, wait a bit longer.
  4. Use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer (RCA) -

In our case, we got to step 4. After running the RCA, we got the following message:

User mailbox is marked as undiscoverable by Teams middle-tier service

After reading a few of the suggestions on the help page, we found that for some reason, EWS was not enabled for the two accounts.

Set EWS enabled for a room account

After we did this, we tested and were still getting the error in the RCA. Frustrated, we started to look further into the accounts but couldn’t find anything. I was about to ask to create a new account in Azure AD only (we were in a hybrid setup) but held back. An hour or so later, I went to make coffee and I noticed on my MTR where I had been testing the accounts, it all of sudden had the error go away. So, in the end, it was probably the EWS issue but then a matter of “wait longer”.

If you get this far and haven’t solved your issues, here are two great blogs by two amazing MVP’s on troubleshooting MTR’s: * Jimmy Vaughn - Microsoft Teams Rooms Cannot Fetch Calendar * Graham Walsh - Troubleshooting MTR Log Files

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