Enable Light Bar for Crestron Teams Panel

This is a very quick, easy post. Recently, I received a Crestron Teams Panel (model TSS-1070-T-B-S-LB Kit). This device is for the outside of a room so your co-workers can see what the schedule is for the room. One of the very cool parts of the device is the light bar that goes with it. It allows you to see at a glimpse as you are walking down the hall whether the room is available or not.

Teams Panel

When I first got it, I plugged the light bar in to the USB port on the back of the device. It didn’t light up. I looked through the directions and there was no mention of anything special so I pinged Graham Walsh (the friendly semi-neighborhood MVP and Crestron guru) and tipped me off that you need to enable the Teams Panel for POE Plus. In order to do this, you must SSH into the device.

In order to SSH into the device, you must go to the webpage that the panel is hosting and set the admin user name and password first. Then you can simply SSH to the device:

SSH <device IP>

Then reboot the device and BOOM! Lightbar comes on. If it is not obvious, you will need to be plugged into a switch that supports POEPLUS.

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