I specialize in Microsoft Teamwork Solutions. This blog is a way for me to talk about Technology along with Leadership theory. These two components are important to me because I believe together they are what drive business forward. The role of technology in a company increases in importance daily. The ability to lead innovation and motivate people is crucial. I hope that you find these writings interesting and thought provoking.

While I maintain this blog, I am also doing more and more via my YouTube Channel Cloud Renegade. If you are reading this, I’d love it if you were to jump over there and give a subscribe as well to stay caught up on my latest thoughts and ideas.

Here is my “corporate” Bio:

Adam Ball has led practices and teams of people to achieve amazing results. Having architected and led the delivery teams for Communications and Collaboration projects for some of the world’s most notable companies, Adam is consistently focused on delivering on excellent experience for end-users.

A noted speaker, Adam has had the privilege of speaking multiple times at Microsoft Ignite and VMWorld in addition to other conferences and user groups.

Adam believes in the power of community when it comes to collaboration and founded the Colorado Unified Communications User Group in 2011 and is a co-founder of Comms vNext, a community-driven conference that focuses on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Through these, Adam is a Microsoft MVP and earned his first award in 2014. Through his recognition as an MVP, Adam is known by the Microsoft Teams product group and gives feedback regularly to help improve the product.

Adam lives in Colorado with his wife and kids and enjoys being outdoors whenever possible.

You can contact me at adam @ cloudrenegade.us

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