A step away from social

Published at November 24, 2020 ·  3 min read

You might be wondering what this post is all about. Well, you may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been pretty quiet on social media lately. This year has been crazy. Earlier in the year, I saw a few folks I follow decide to take a break from social and left for months. I understood at the time how one could be burned out and need to step away....

Made the point but no difference

Published at July 19, 2011 ·  2 min read

This past week I was listening to a podcast and the speaker said many times we would rather make a point than make a difference. He went on to say that many times, making the point will make us feel better but if we don’t make a difference then it didn’t really matter. Not only that but you may have made the point but you may have lost the right to do anything else....


Published at June 29, 2010 ·  1 min read

If something is truly a priority for you, don’t you go and do it before anything (or most anything) else? Wouldn’t that mean that the inverse is true as well? I.e. if you aren’t doing it first (or close to first) it isn’t really a priority? The question for today is what should you be doing first that you aren’t? Also, what are you putting off because it really isn’t a priority?...


Published at November 6, 2008 ·  2 min read

I struggle with expectations. I constantly expect a lot from everyone, including myself and I’m consistently disappointed. I decided to write out my expectations so I thought I would share them. I expect people to work when at work. I understand that there will be times when you have fun and talk at work but in the end, I expect you to work. I expect that you will use your time wisely....

Do as I say, not as I do

Published at October 5, 2008 ·  2 min read

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a few weeks now. In general, no matter what, every so often I struggle with the leadership around me. I see great leaders out there but typically, I’m not engaged with them for whatever reason. Lately, I have noticed that many people who are in leadership positions don’t do the same things that they ask their subordinates to do. In my case, it is my direct boss and because of this, I am losing more and more respect for him....