Using SoundeXchange to convert MP3 to WAV for #Lync and #MSExchange

Published at May 7, 2013 ·  2 min read

When working with Lync and Exchange I regularly find myself needing to convert MP3 files to WAV files for the specific need of UM. Typically, this involves finding the right bit rate, etc. After finding a command line tool (SoundeXchange) to do this, I naturally wanted it even easier so I created a function in PowerShell to do just that. In order to run this script, you do need a few pre-reqs....

Simpsons Movie Countdown with PowerShell (Repost)

Published at August 8, 2008 ·  2 min read

Here is a repost from my old blog. This was originally posted on July 27th, 2007. Sorry all pictures are gone. Yeah, I’m trying new things with PowerShell. Someone challenged me to see if I could come up with how long til the movie. Well that was pretty easy. I did: New-TimeSpan (Get-Date) “7/27/2007 12:01:00″ Days : 1 Hours : 20 Minutes : 31 Seconds : 53 Milliseconds : 146 Ticks : 1603131460301 TotalDays : 1....