OCS 70-638 Test

Published at September 25, 2008 ·  1 min read

Done. Whoo-hoo. I’m stoked that I passed first try. While I may know the product pretty well, I don’t tend to test well, especially with Microsoft tests. I scored a 785 which is much lower than I would have liked. I’m just a bit competitive with myself. Here is my take on the test, I thought the questions were either very hard or very easy. I also disliked when you could get it down to two answers and they only varied by a few words....

UC Software Update Services (Issue #2)

Published at August 7, 2008 ·  1 min read

So, the second biggest issue that I faced in getting the UC Software Update Services up and working was getting the configupdatesserver.vbs script to run correctly. Whenever I ran it I got a Unknown Username or bad password error. Well, turns out we must have an invalid character in our password cause I changed it to something without a special character (^,$,~,etc) and everything worked. Seriously, this is just one crappy product....

UC Software Update Services (Issue #1)

Published at August 7, 2008 ·  2 min read

Over the past week, I have been setting up UC Software Update Services to be able to push out the updates to our Tanjay phones. Man, talk about a crappy solution. Sorry Microsoft, but this one needs a lot of polishing. I got to the step where you create the UCUpdates SharePoint site and everytime I ran the command I would get a “The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized....