Published at January 10, 2012 ·  1 min read

Well, I passed. I have to say, when I hit submit, I wasn’t really sure that I had. I love that screen when it says “Congratulations!” You are so focused on that word that it takes a minute to see what your score was (I got a 361). To any who see/read this that want to know what I did to pass, I read, alot. I seriously spent a lot of time just reading the documentation that is posted on vmware....

VMWare Partner Exchange 2010

Published at February 6, 2010 ·  1 min read

I’m getting ready to head to PEX2k10. Looking forward to the sessions and the meet and greats. If you are going, let me know....

Virtual Center and IIS conflicts

Published at October 10, 2008 ·  1 min read

I have seen this several times and have had the idea of how to fix it but I was missing some steps. The guys over at Xtravirt have it solved. If you haven’t heard of them, take some time on their site as it has a bunch of useful knowledge. Here’s the link to how to solve it: http://knowledge.xtravirt.com/hot-tips/virtualcenter-2x/12-virtualcenter-2x/32-virtualcenter-and-iis-conflicts.html...

Have a console just for ESXTOP

Published at August 7, 2008 ·  1 min read

Saw this and thought it was a great idea. Having a console that I can look at and see what is going on without risking root privileges is pretty slick....